Praanadha Ayurveda Hospital
Praanadha Ayurveda Hospital


Ayurveda is not just a form of treatment, it is a way of life.

The entire universe is balanced by the forces of Air, Sun and Moon. These are responsible for harmony, as well as the disturbances in the universe. The same in Ayurveda, are the Tridoshas - Vata (Air), Pitha (Fire), and Kapha(Water) in the human body. As long as these are in harmony, the person will be healthy. Any disturbance among these will result in a diseases. So, in Ayurveda the main line of treatment is always aimed towards creating balance among these three Doshas.

Ayurveda can be slpit into eight parts:

  • Kayachikitsa - General Medicine
  • Balachikitsa - Pediatrics
  • Grahachikitsa - Psychiatry
  • Vishachikitsa - Toxicology
  • Urdwanga chikitsa - Ophthalmology and Otorhinolaryngology
  • Salya Chikitsa - Surgery
  • Jarachikitsa - Rejuvenation Therapy
  • Vrshachikitsa - Reproductive Medicine